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The global outburst of COVID-19 pandemic struck the corporate event industry among the first, cutting the revenue of hundreds of thousands companies and leaving millions of event professionals without a job.

After the shock of impossibility, the teams of Special Effects and its Dubai-based sister company, the Kraftwerk creative agency immediately started to work on new event formats that adjust to the changed circumstances.

Different safety regulations of the countries and lost trust and insecurity of people in live events were the major challenges to face. However, with the active involvement of a number of industry professionals and as a result of several months research, we have concluded a comprehensive event concept named Meet Safe.

The mission of Meet Safe

The goal of the concept is to define innovative, regionally independent solutions that allow the return of live events, while minimizing health risks. 

Meet Safe does not only respond to the current difficult situation of the event industry but looks for new opportunities that can remain integral part of the market in the long run.

The role of Meet Safe

Meet Safe is more than a collection of ideas, it is:

a marketing and communication tool;
a sales tool;
a cooperation of professionals offering services in line with the Meet Safe concept as a common trademark;
a business and consultation opportunity resulting from a new and creative approach.

In addition to the above, Meet Safe is:


supporting its users in making conscious decisions about events among the unprecedented circumstances


introducing new types of events, services and creative solutions


helping improve ourselves and our range of services in order to offer timely solutions to clients and partners


allowing the planning of future events with maximum safety and comfort, while ensuring the irreplaceable live event experience at the same time


Research background

In our research we applied the so-called ‘design thinking’ methodology that is getting more and more popular in business. This innovative technique approaches challenges adapting customized solutions for the participants involved. The process consists of five main steps: empathizing, defining, ideating, creating a prototype and testing. Perceptions of each phase are regularly revisited and refined with new discoveries gained in later stages.

Steps of our research

1. In-depth interviews with experts from 9 different countries

2. Analysis of interviews

3. Desktop research - processing a wide array of industry related sources (dozens of articles, studies, guides) from various parts of the world

4. Collecting and organizing observations

5. Setting up HMW (How Might We) questions in the examined fields

6. Brainstorming in different task teams

7. Preparation of prototypes

8. Testing prototypes

9. Fine-tuning of prototypes based on feedbacks 


Four main questions emerged during the research that we have examined further in detail.

  • Communication

    How can we encourage corporate event clients, organizers and guests to attend live events again?

  • New Event Types

    How can we create new event forms that provide added value at smaller events?

  • Live Events

    How shall we organize live events again providing adequate safety and comfort at venues for organizers, clients and guests?

  • Virtual Events

    What creative solutions can we come up with to make virtual events appealing for organizers, clients and participants alike?

As a mixed form, we separately deal with hybrid events that perfectly combine elements of both live and virtual events, and ensure online connection between participants of two or more live events.

Our research in numbers

articles, studies or guides
HMW (How Might We) questions


How to use this guide

Meet Safe was aimed to present an internationally applicable concept. Due to national and regional regulations being very different, this goal proved to be most feasible for events below 500 participants.

Meet Safe is not a quality assurance system. It can’t control either the implementation and the correct application of regulations, rules and individual solutions contained therein, or bring them in line with the regulations in a given country. It is the sole responsibility of the user to properly apply its measures.

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