Hybrid events on new horizons

The COVID19 pandemic gave birth to a new event form called hybrid event.

Travel restrictions vary greatly from region to region and many of us will not dare to travel even after the virus situation improves.

Therefore live events will be complemented by virtual elements to involve those not able or not willing to attend. Classic hybrid events are the ones where technology enables online participants to connect with onsite attendees of a live event.

The content is the same for every participant, while different solutions allow both onsite and remote guests to connect with the speakers and with each other, as well as to give feedback or ask questions about the actual topic or the event itself. Hybrid events can create an environment where online participants can be as active as their on-site fellow participants. 

Meet Safe puts major focus on events where audiences of two or more live events are connected online, enjoying the experience of live events at the same time.

The magic of live events cannot be fully substituted by online solutions. However, the goal is to give as many guests as possible the opportunity to join and, with the help of virtual platforms and interactive elements, connect onsite participants and speakers with online attendees. Corresponding ideas are listed under the 'VIRTUAL EVENT SOLUTIONS' section.

Multi-City events


Participants from multiple countries, cities or venues are connected.

Multi-Location events


Event is split among multiple venues within the same city. Ideal for larger groups.

Multi-venue events


Event is split among multiple smaller rooms of the same venue. Ideal for large or a mid-size groups.

Benefits of hybrid event forms

Attendance is higher compared to traditional live events, as a major part of online participants would otherwise miss the chance to attend.

● These events allow more flexibility, comfort and safety for participants, as well as greater trust in the organizers / organizing companies.

● Hybrid events can be held in a sustainable way, even under the changed circumstances.

● Innovative technology focusing on interactivity will come more into view, also for on-site attendees as it brings the audience closer, makes the presenters more accessible, and facilitates follow-up.

● Online space allows new possibilities of communication, content-sharing, networking and marketing, while has a great community-building power, too.

● The added value offsets the possibly higher technical and venue rental fees. Minimizing the travel expenses and increasing the number of participants (both on-site and online guests) may reduce the per person costs.

● Hybrid events will gain ground in the field of exhibitions as well. Maximum participation is guaranteed to organizers and exhibitors both at the booths and on the programs as potential customers and partners who cannot visit in person, may also be involved. See respective ideas under the 'CREATIVE EXHIBITIONS' part of this guideline.

Types of online communication

● Live streaming – One-way communication (live broadcast between venues) – it is a passive solution without the possibility for interaction, therefore not listed as hybrid event.

● Network communication - Live broadcast connecting two or more venues. Allows two-way communication between locations with the help of on-site technical background.

● Application-based communication – Both on-site and remote attendees can participate interactively using their smart devices connected to a shared platform (application). This technology includes a lot of important and personalized functions such as communication about local regulations, general information, agendas, venue maps, guest and speaker profiles, as well as supports live communication, questions and feedbacks even remotely. The interface enables pre- and post-event statistics and follow-up on presentations and activities for marketing and other purposes.

Further information available under the 'INTERACTIVE EVENT APPLICATIONS' section.

Elements of an engaging, dynamic, seamless and high-quality hybrid event

● Custom-made design: stages and backdrops

● Special visual solutions: high-resolution LED wall, holographic projection, light show

● Live multi-view camera feed and recording: offers interesting features as individually controlled camera views, backstage cameras, speaker-view body-camera, etc.

● Central studio with a show director – connecting the venues as a hub

● Exclusive interviews for online attendees

● Various platforms (applications) to connect participants via shared platform for following functions: agenda, programs, networking, match-making, chat, Q&A, feedback, ARS (Automated Response System for live voting, quizzes) social media, workshop, games, presentation following, multi-camera feed, etc.

● Content: engaging and spectacular presentations, videos, clips, live and pre-recorded calls, live-feeds, interviews, games, etc.

● Directed screenplay: strict program agenda of similar quality to television productions synchronizing all event venues, online platforms, presentations, live-feeds, coffee breaks and entertainment programs

● Moderator, director, cameramen, lighting engineer and stage manager with television experience

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