Multi-Venue events

The presentations take place in several meeting rooms at the same venue, ensuring a larger on-site audience, which is completed by the online participants.

Despite the wider participation, we can provide the highest level of safety and comfort, making the personal attendance more compelling.

Similar to multi-city events, meeting rooms, participants and speakers are connected. As an added benefit, every attendee can enjoy all sessions live as the speakers rotate among the meeting rooms. Organizers divide the participants into groups based on specific criteria or fields of interest; the program and the content is customized accordingly. At smaller venues it is easier to create a friendlier, more relaxed atmosphere. Speakers can get closer to the audience; participants can establish new relationships faster, thus the audience leaves with a greater experience. Since all participants are at the same place, organized or individual social programs are easier and safer to be carried out.

It is worth keeping solutions in mind that connect different locations, events, audiences and online participants, and boost interactivity, too. For a detailed summary see 'VIRTUAL EVENT SOLUTIONS'.

The multi-venue concept brings new opportunities for smaller, multi-room venues with spacious social areas over large scale venues.

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