Attendees will value safety, confidence, comfort and new experiences at future events. It is becoming vital to deliver extra added-value to make events an unforgettable experience.

Changing circumstances and expectations require us to re-visit former services, and come up with new concepts, strategies and ideas that bring new event types to life.

Our survey has clearly proved that guests will prefer smaller events at unique and unusual venues in the future. It will be inevitable to create an intimate environment, in which attendees will sense an unparalleled experience.

People are more likely to attend events that

● take place at exclusive locations,

● don’t conflict with other events,

● guarantee proper cleaning and disinfection measures in line with epidemiology guidelines

● take place at novelty locations

● grant interesting program possibilities that guests cannot attend otherwise

Another important aspect of events will be an even stronger commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

We have searched for new and less known venues that are in line with the new needs and offer the usual high quality services in addition to carrying further potential, too. Besides identifying new event locations, we also analyzed how existing venues and their services can adapt to the new expectations.

During our research, we have identified five different event types:

new indoor events

new outdoor events

quality vs. quantity events

multi-Start events

creative exhibitions

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