New outdoor events

An unusual site in nature can create a spectacular atmosphere by itself, not to mention nature is now much safer against the virus and disinfection is much easier than in an indoor space.

People are eager to meet again; re-invented outdoor events can fulfill that desire even more.

In order to increase the comfort and confidence of guests and ensure the maximum level of experience, we suggest considering following aspects when selecting an outdoor venue:

● strict hygienic requirements are applied

● spectacular and exclusive venues or locations with little or no public awareness, and which guests cannot access individually

● good accessibility (easy parking is more important than ever before)

● suitable for complex event concepts in service and themes

● offers unique programs

● premium catering can be suitably located (if venue has no decent facilities for the purpose)

● appropriate indoor backup available in case of bad weather

Added value of using exclusive tents

Tents can be ideal backup solution or additional exclusive area for outdoor events. By creating unusual flexible and transportable closed areas (like dome tents), an event can literally be placed anywhere, be it a forest or a rooftop – limited only by our imagination and the profile of the event.

This event solution is the perfect option for smaller events from team buildings through mini-conferences to elegant dinners.

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