virtual events

Technological Enhancement Tools

Special technologies significantly improve both interactivity and content of a virtual event. Attendees expect similar experience to live events. From the endless range of technological tools in that field we mention below the most outstanding ones from our research.

Stream Arena

Hybrid studios become more and more trendy. With a one-of-a-kind solution we have developed, experience comes close to that of a live event. Participants of the virtual event can see themselves on one of the LCD screens set up in the studio. The speakers in the studio can turn to and communicate with either of the attendees. This solution works best for award ceremonies, team buildings, workshops, trainings and product launches. The studio can be branded upon request.


3D Environment Integration

The integration of 3D spaces also simulates the live event experience. This technology nothing new, it existed way before virtual events became popular. Their self-serving implementation into virtual events may easily turn counter-productive, if participants are dazzled with fancy virtual elements falling too far from real-life experience. Successful 3D integration is beneficial only if the information and knowledge gained with its use is well balanced with the effort accessing it. Functions rooms, public spaces and exhibition stands can be created in 3D virtual environment, too, all with interactive features.



HoloCap is a cost-effective volumetric/holographic video recording or broadcast. With the help of a simple application, it allows presenters to appear in any selected space, even in the living room of a viewer, while other features of the event platforms can be used in the regular way.

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